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2023 River City Pirates

2022: Crazyhorse's Brewers

2021: Pitch a Roogy

2020: River City Pirates

2019: River City Pirates

2018: Pitch a Roogy
2017: Pitch a Roogy
2016: Motor City Bengals
2015: Bronx Bombers
2014: Rocktober Baseball
2013: Rocktober Baseball
2012: Cellar Dwellers
2011: S3XY B34ST
2010: Northern Tigers 6
2009: Rocktober Baseball
2008: Rocktober Baseball



                                                     LEAGUE CONSTITUTION


Section One

Homegrown Fantasy Baseball Terms and Definitions

  1. Prospect/Rookie: a player with less than 130 at bats or a pitcher with less than 50 innings pitched.

  2. Free agent: a player with more than 130 at bats or a pitcher with more than 50 innings pitched.

  3. Homegrown Major League roster refers to 26-man active roster

  4. Homegrown prospect roster refers to the 7 player prospect rosters located on ESPN homepage or Homegrown Fantasy Baseball webpage.

  5. MLB in caps refers to Major League Baseball.

Section Two

    1) Owner’s duties and responsibilities:

     a) Select 26 keepers prior to the spring draft. Teams cannot include players from their prospect roster, unless they are IL eligible.

     b) Participate in a timely fashion in the spring draft.

     c) Set lineups for daily match ups.

     d) Set lineups for the playoffs.

     e) Remove Players from IL slot(s) when they are no longer IL eligible. Remove IL eligible players from starting lineups.

     f) Remove minor league players from starting lineups.

     g) Remove players who are designated as DFA from starting lineups.

     f) Teams cannot keep their prospects on their Homegrown Major League roster who are in the minor leagues.

     g) Participate In league votes.

        *Inactive owners may lose draft picks

        *Inactive owners may be replaced.

Section Three

​1) Teams must select 26 keepers prior to predetermined league deadline.

​2) Each Spring a Prospect/Rookie draft will be held. Draft picks for the spring draft will be allocated based on open Prospect/Rookie roster slots 1-5, up to five picks are possible. The draft order will be based on the final regular season standings, with the World Series Winner picking last. The draft format will be a straight draft with the 1st pick, you pick 1st every round, 2nd you pick 2nd every round 3rd you pick 3rd every round and so on.

3) Prospects/Rookies/International players are defined as any player who have not reached 130 at bats or 50 innings pitched. High School and college players are ineligible to be drafted. Players must be signed to a major/minor league contract, held by an MLB team.

​4) Prior to the spring draft player(s) who have not reached rookie minimums, 130 at bats or 50 innings pitched, cannot be place on a team’s Homegrown Major League roster. In addition, any player on a Homegrown Major League roster who has not reached rookie minimums must be placed back onto a team’s Homegrown prospect roster slots 1-5 or be dropped back into the player pool or traded to another team.

Exception#1 if a player is marked IL eligible, he may stay on a Homegrown Major League roster, but must be placed on the IL once the offline draft is complete. Note that player(s) will count towards the 26-man keeper selections. Exception #2 any new owner who joins the league during or after the spring draft he will be granted an exemption to this rule. Furthermore, the commissioner or assistant commissioner may allow any new owner to make changes to his prospect roster. Which may result in the new owner acquiring draft pick(s) for the spring and or the mid season draft(s). This does not include adding any prospects/rookies from the player pool.

5) International Players must be signed by an MLB Team. A player who has signed prior to the spring draft or supplemental draft is eligible to be drafted. Players who have not signed prior to the spring or supplemental draft are ineligible to be drafted.

6) Prospect/Rookies can only be moved from S1 and S2 to primary prospect/rookie rosters (1-5) prior to the spring draft. To have draft picks for the mid-season draft Teams need to have open slots prior to the spring draft. Teams that promote (call up), drop, or trade players from their supplemental roster slots during or after the spring draft will not receive a draft pick for that slot.

7) At the conclusion of the spring draft, free agency will begin with the customary one (1) day wavier period.

8) The initial wavier order will be the previous seasons final regular season standings, with the worst winning percentage picking first and so on, and the World Series Winner picking last. This will be the initial setting after which teams will move to last after any claim, and the order will never reset.

Section Four

1) A mid-season prospect/rookie draft will be held every season. The mid-season draft normally takes place during the week of the MLB All Star game. Draft picks will be allocated based on open Prospect/Rookie roster slots, S1 and S2, up to two picks are possible.

​2) The two (2) mid-season prospect/rookie roster spots will be designated S1 and S2. The S1 and S2 roster slots can only be filled during the mid-season prospect/rookie draft. They cannot be filled during the spring prospect/rookie draft or at any time during the regular season.

​3) The mid-season prospect/rookie draft order will be determined by the lowest winning percentage at the time of the MLB all-star break. The team with the lowest winning percentage will draft first and so on.

Section Five

​1) Prospect/rookies will remain on a team’s Homegrown prospect roster when called up to a Homegrown Major League roster. Teams will retain rights to that prospect/rookie as long as that player(s) remain on the Homegrown prospect roster. Teams will have the option of streaming prospect/rookies between Homegrown Major League rosters and Homegrown prospect rosters at any time during Homegrown's regular season and playoffs. Please note once a prospect/rookie reaches MLB minimums he cannot be sent back down. Owners are asked to post on the league message board using the prospect/rookie call up thread. This is to avoid any confusion that might arise and allow for complete transparency. A prospect/rookie is considered to be out of options when he reaches rookie minimums and must be placed on a team’s Homegrown Major league roster be traded or dropped (a player that is dropped will be added to the league administration team). Prospect/rookies who are traded and have not reached prospect/rookie minimums are eligible to be placed on a team’s Homegrown prospect roster. Teams who drop a prospect/rookie who has reached rookie minimums will lose rights to that player.

​2) Free agent prospects/rookies cannot be added to Homegrown prospect rosters or Homegrown Major League roster. Homegrown prospect rosters can only be added via prospect/rookie draft or trade.

​3) Players who have not reached prospect/rookie minimums, excluding players on prospect rosters. will be placed on the "League administrative team" When these players reach rookie minimums 130 at bats or 50 innings pitched, they will be dropped into the player pool and go thru the one-day wavier process. If player(s) clear waivers, then they will become free agent(s) This dropping of players usually occurs on Sunday's.

Section Six

1) Any changes to league rules or settings must be agreed upon by a majority of league members, nine yes votes are needed. Rules and or settings will not be changed after the start of the regular season.

2) Owners need to get a compensatory pick back for picks traded to avoid unbalanced draft pick numbers.

3) All trades will be voted on by the league,7-vetoes to overturn a trade.

4) The minimum for pitching stats in the league playoff's is 100 innings. Playoff teams that do not reach this threshold will not be eligible to win the following categories ERA, Whip, and losses.   



Prospect Rosters

Wright In The Pujols
1.) Josue De Paula OF LAD
2.) Andrew Painter SP PHI
S1) AJ Smith Shawver SP ATL
S2) Justin Crawford OF PHI

Make Fantasy Great Again
1.) Joe Boyle SP OAK
2.) Cade Horton SP CHC
3.) Cade Cavalli P WAS
4.) Adael Amador SS/2B

Nashville Gnats
1.) Brennen Davis OF CHC
2.) Elijah Green OF WAS
3.) Cole Young 2B/SS SEA

4.) Mick Abel SP PHI

Magic’s LA Dodgers
1.) Diego Cartaya C LAD
2.) Kyle Manzardo 1B CLE

3.) Dalton Rushing C LAD
4.) Tyler Black 3B MIL

S1) Sterlin Thompson OF COL
S2) *No Pick*

Crazyhorses Brewers
1.) Jason Dominguez NYY
Rickey Tiedermann SP TOR
3.) Xavier Isaac 1B TB
4.) Chase DeLauter OF CLE

S2) *No Pick*

Knight America
1.) Drew Thorpe SP CHW
2.) Marco Luciano SS SF
3.) Junior Caminero 3B TB

4.) Max Meyer SP MIA

Bronx Bombers
1.) Orelvis Martinez SS/3B TOR
2.) Spencer Jones OF NYY
3.) Hurston Waldrep SP ATL
4.) Brando Mayea OF NYY
5.) Ben Rice C NYY

Pitch A Roogy
1.) Matt Shaw SS/2B CHC
2.) Ronny Mauricio SS NYM
3.) Carson Williams SS TB

Hawaii Islanders
1.) Samuel Basallo C BAL
2.) Jace Jung 2B DET

3.) Marcelo Mayer SS BOS
4.) Roman Anthony OF BOS
5.) Heston Kjerstad OF BAL

Legion Of Doom
1.) Colson Montgomery SS CHW
2.) Daniel Espino SP CLE
3.) Jeferson Quero C MIL

High Cheese
1.) Ethan Salas C SD
2.) Brady House SS WAS
3.) Druw Jones OF ARI
S2) *No Pick*

Blue Moon Odom
1.) Jack Leiter SP TEX
2.) Yohandy Morales 3B WAS
3.) Yuki Matsui RP SD
4.) Termarr Johnson SS PIT

Rascally Rabbit
1.) Dylan Crews OF WAS
2.) Coby Mayo 3B BAL
3.) Jackson Holliday SS BAL

River City Pirates
1.) Brooks Lee SS MIN
2.) Max Clark OF DET
S1) Jackson Jobe SP DET

Atown Ferrous
1.) James Wood OF WAS
2.) Jordan Lawlar SS ARI
3.) Leodalis De Vries SS SD

4.) Walker Jenkins OF MIN
S2)*No Pick*

Pedro Cerrano
Owen Murphy SP ATL
2.) Clayton Beeter SP NYY
3.) Roderick Arias SS NYY
4.) Matt Mervis 1B CHC

S1) Cam Collier 3B CIN

If you’d like to learn more about our event spaces, don’t hesitate to contact us.


2024 Spring Draft


Round One

1. Wright In The Pujlos---Yoshinobu Yamamoto SP LAD

2. Legion of Doom---Wyatt Langford OF TEX
3. Magic's LA Dodgers---Dalton Rushing C LAD
4. Rascally Rabbit---Dylan Crews OF WAS
5. Atown Ferrous---Walker Jenkins OF MIN
6. Ricks Rowdies---Paul Skenes SP PIT
7. Nashville gnats'''---Cole Young 2B/SS SEA
8. Hawaii Islanders---Roman Anthony OF BOS
9. Knights Baseball---Max Meyer SP MIA
10.Make Fantasy Great Again---Cade Horton SP CHC
11.Hawaii Islanders---Samuel Basallo C BAL
12.High Cheese---Ethan Salas C SD
13.Crazyhorse's Brewers---Chase DeLauter OF CLE
14.Bronx Bombers---Hurston Waldrep SP ATL
15.Pitch a Roogy--Matt Shaw SS/2B CHC
16.River City Pirates---Jung Hoo Lee OF SF

Round 2
1. Wright In The Pujlos---Josue De Paula OF LAD
2. Make Fantasy Great Again---Adael Amador SS/2B COL
3. Magic's LA Dodgers---Tyler Black 3B MIL
4. Atown Ferrous---Leodalis De Vries SS SD
5. Ricks Rowdies---Yohandy Morales 3B WAS
6. Knights Baseball---Drew Thorpe SP SD
7. Legion of Doom---Mason Miller SP OAK
8. Pedro Cerrano---Clayton Beeter SP NYY
9. High Cheese---Shota Imanaga SP CHC
10. Crazyhorse's Brewers---Xavier Isaac 1B TB
11.Bronx Bombers---Brando Mayea OF NYY
12.Pitch a Roogy---Carson Williams SS TB
13.River City Pirates---Max Clark OF DET

Round 3
1. Make Fantasy Great Again---Joe Boyle SP OAK
2. Magic's LA Dodgers---James Triantos 3B CHC
3. Ricks Rowdies---Yuki Matsui RP SD
4. Legion of Doom---Jeferson Quero C MIL
5. Bronx Bombers---Ben Rice C NYY

Round 4
1. Ricks Rowdies---Jace Jung 2B DET




2023 Spring Draft

Round 1
1. Magic's LA Dodgers---Diego Cartaya C LAD
2. Pedro Cerrano---Owen Murphy SP ATL
3. Wright In The Pujols---Andrew Painter SP PHI
4. Redskin Indians of Providence---Brandon Pfaadt SP ARI
5. High Cheese---Druw Jones OF ARI
6. Hawaii Islanders---Hunter Brown SP HOU
7. Nashville gnats'''---Elijah Green OF WAS
8. Atown Ferrous---James Wood OF WAS
9. River City Pirates---Brett Baty 3B NYM
10. Rascally Rabbit---Jackson Holliday SS BAL
11. Knight America---Oswald Peraza SS NYY
12. Bronx Bombers---Spencer Jones OF NYY
13. Pitch A Roogy---Jackson Merrill SS SD
14. Legion of Doom---Colson Montgomery SS CHW
15. Crazyhorse's Brewers---Oscar Colas OF CHW

Round 2

1. Magics LA Dodgers---Sal Frelick OF MIL
2. Wright In The Pujols---Spencer Steer 3B CIN
3. High Cheese---Masataka Yoshida OF BOS
4. Hawaii Islanders---Termarr Johnson SS PIT
5. Nashville gnats'''---Endy Rodriguez C PIT
6. River City Pirates---Brooks Lee SS MIN
7. Rascally Rabbit---Tyler Soderstrom C/1B OAK
8. Knight America---Curtis Mead 3B TB
9. Bronx Bombers---Logan O'Hoppe C LAA
10. Legion of Doom---Christian Encarnacion Strand 3B
11. Crazyhorse's Brewers---Rickey Tiedermann SP TOR

Round 3
1. Wright In The Pujols---Masyn Winn SS STL
2. Hawaii Islanders---Matt Mervis 1B
3. Rascally Rabbit---Evan Carter OF TEX
4. Bronx Bombers---Maikel Garcia SS KC
5. Legion of Doom---Joey Wiemer OF MIL

Round 4
1. Wright In The Pujols---Bryan Ramos 3B CHW


2022 Spring Draft

Round 1

1. Redskin Indians of Providence---Jack Leiter SP Tex

2. Wright In The Pujols---Alek Thomas OF Ari

3. Planet 10---Anthony Volpe 2B NYY

4. Atown Ferrous---Brayan Rocchio SS Cle

5. Magic's LA Dodgers---Andy Pages OF LAD

6. Fire Fox--- Gabriel Moreno C Tor

7. Pedro Cerrano---Roderick Arias SS NYY

8. Hawaii Islanders---Robert Hassell OF SD

9. Rascally Rabbit---Marcelo Mayer SS Bos

10.Bronx Bombers---Nick Pratto 1B KC

11.Legion of Doom---Nick Yorke 2B Bos

Round 2

1.Redskin Indians of Providence ---Miguel Vargas 3B LAD

2. Wright In The Pujols---Kyle Harrison SP SF

3. Planet 10---Taj Bradley SP TB

4. Atown Ferrous---Michael Harris OF ATL

5. Fire Fox---Aaron Ashby SP MIL

6. Pedro Cerrano---Kyle Manzardo 1B TB

7. Rascally Rabbit---Joe Ryan SP MIN

8. Legion Of Doom---Jose Miranda 2B MIN

9. Pitch A Roogy---Khalil Watson SS MIA

Round 3

1.Atown Ferrous---Cody Morris SP CLE

2.Pedro Cerrano---Tucker Bradley OF KC

3.Rascally Rabbit---Coby Mayo 3B BAL

4.Legion Of Doom---Vinnie Pasquantino 1B KC

2021 Spring Draft


Round 1

1. Hawaii Islanders---Spencer Torkleson 1B/3B Det

2. Pedro Cerano---Randy Arozarena OF TB

3. Crazy Horse---Austin Martin 3B Tor

4. Fire Fox---Anderes Gimenez SS/2B Cle

5. Scully's Heroes--- Michael Toglia 1B Col

6. Planet 10---Tarik Skubal SP Det

7. Atown Ferrous---Luis Matos OF SF

8. Magics LA Dodgers---Andre Jackson P LAD

9. Rascally Rabbit---Ha-Seong Kim, SS, SD

10. Wright in the Pujiols---Geraldo Perdomo SS Ari

11. Nashville gnats'---Quinn Priester SP Pit

12. High Cheese---Zac Veen OF Col

13. Bronx Bombers--- Orelvis Martinez SS/3B Tor

14. Pitch a Roogy---Asa Lacy SP KC

15. Mookie Monster---Emerson Hancock SP Sea

16. River City---Heston Kjerstad OF Bal


Round 2

1. River City---Nick Gonzales SS/2B Pit

2. High Cheese---George Valera OF Cle

3. Planet 10---Demarcus Evans RP Tex

4. Fire Fox---A J Puk RP Oak

5. Pedro Cerano---Austin Wells C NYY

6. Hawaii Islanders---Max Meyer P Mia


Round 3

1. Fire Fox---Jarren Duran OF Bos

2. Planet 10---Garrett Mitchell OF Mil

3. River City---Cristian Hernandez SS CHC


2020 Spring Draft

Round 1

1. Wright In The Pujols Picks---Julio Rodriguez Of Sea

2. Hawaii Islanders---Adley Rutschman, C BAL

3. Magic's LA Dodgers---Riley Greene OF Det

4.Crazyhorse Brewers---Jasson Dominguez NYY

5. Bronx Bombers--- - Josh Jung 3B Tex

6. Planet 10---Spencer Howard SP PHI

7. Pedro Cerano---Clarke Schmidt, SP NYY

8. Cellar Dwellers---Sean Murphy C Oak

9. Nashville gnats Bobby Witt Jr SS KC

10. Atown Ferrous----Andrew Vaughn 1B ChiSox

11. Rascally Rabbit----CJ Abrams SS SD

12. Legion of Doom----Jeter Downs SS Bos

13. Scullys Heroes-----Brandon Marsh OF LAA

14. Pitch a Rogy------Grayson Rodriguez SP, Bal

15. River City Pirates---Triston Casas 1B Bos





2020 Mid-Season Draft

​Round 1

1. Wright In The Pujols---Cristian Javier P Hou

2.Magics LA Dodgers---Michael Busch 2B LAD

3. Crazyhorse Brewers---Jordan Groshans SS Tor

4. Bronx Bombers--Seth Beers 1B Ari

5. Pedro Cerano---Nick Lodolo P Cin

6. Cellar Dwellers---Kyle Lewis OF Sea

7. Nashville gnats---Brennen Davis OF Cubs

8. Atown Ferrous---Kody Hoese 2B LAD

9. Rascally Rabbit---Luis Campusano C SD

10. Legion of Doom---James Karinchak RP Cle

11. Scullys Heroes---JJ Bleday OF Mia

12. High Cheese---Shane Baz SP TB

13. River City Pirates---Braden Shewmake SS Atl


Round 2

1. Atown Ferrous---Josiah Gray SP LAD

2. Cellar Dwellers---Jake Cronenworth SD SS

3. Pedro Cerano--- Erick Pena KC OF

2021 Mid-Season Draft

​Round 1

1. Wright in the Pujols---Reid Detmers SP LAA

2. Planet 10---Cade Cavalli P Was

3. Fire Fox--- Ryan Vilade SS Col

4. Rascally Rabbit---Pete Crow-Armstrong OF NYM

5. Legion of Doom---Josh Lowe OF TB

6. River City Pirates---Bobby Miller SP LAD

Round 2

1. Legion of Doom---Logan Gilbert SP Sea

2022 Mid-Season Draft

Round 1

1. Magic's LA DODGERS---Shea Langeliers C OAK
2. Planet 10---Gunnar Henderson SS BAL
3. nashville gnats'''---Colton Cowser OF BAL
4. High Cheese---Brayan Bello SP BOS
5. Redskin Indians of Providence---Eury Perez SP MIA
6. River City Pirates---Jackson Jobe SP DET
7. Atown Ferrous---Jordan Lawlar SS ARI
8. Pitch a ROOGY---Jackson Chourio OF MIL
9. Legion of Doom---Daniel Espino SP WAS

Round 2

1. nashville gnats'''---Mick Abel SP PHI
2. Redskin Indians of Providence---Elly De La Cruz 3B CIN
3. Atown Ferrous---Francisco Álvarez C NYM
4. Pitch a ROOGY---Ezequiel Tovar SS COL

2023 Mid-Season Draft

Round 1
1. Duck Farts & Goose Eggs--- Jordan Westburg SS BAL
2. Wright In The Pujols---Justin Crawford OF PHI
3. Magic’s LA Dodgers---Sterlin Thompson OF COL
4. Pedro Cerrano---Cam Collier 3B CIN
5. Hawaii Islanders---Gavin Williams SP CLE
6. Legion of Doom---Bryan Woo SP SEA
7. Knight America---Junior Caminero 3B TB
8. High Cheese---Ceddanne Rafaela OF BOS
9. Crazyhorse’s Brewers---Colt Keith 3B DET

Round 2
1. Wright In The Pujols---AJ Smith Shawver SP ATL
2. Hawaii Islanders---Andrew Abbott SP CIN



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